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Burra Steel are manufacturers of high quality, cost effective steel and sheet metal components as well as sub-assembled products. Their advanced capabilities and skills enables them to fabricate components to almost any design that requires it to be cut, folded and formed from mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel. The Burra Steel facility utilises a range of highly specialised state-of-the-art steel fabrication machinery that ensures all work is produced to the highest standard.

Honing skills & building capabilities

Burra Steel originated in 1986 as a critical extension to an air conditioning business where it honed its skills in metal duct manufacturing. Known as Burra Sheet Metal, it became a standalone business in 1996 and continued to diversify into the fabrication of quality steel components for air handling equipment, as well as commercial and industrial fans.

In 2010 it was acquired by Elta Group who committed to the ongoing development of the business through staff training and the implementation of some of the most advanced, high precision metal fabrication machinery in the world.

Cost effective sheet metal & steel components

Burra Steel is a manufacturing arm of Fantech Group and produces over 6000 different components. It is a Lean business and has incorporated Lean manufacturing practices, including 5S sustainable activities, into every aspect of its operation. Burra Steel is a modern and innovative company that is committed to providing exceptional customer service, expert advice and the highest quality products.

Based in Gippsland Victoria, Burra Steel employs a highly skilled workforce that includes a number of qualified boilermakers, sheet metal workers and apprentices. In addition, many of its team members have also successfully completed recognised training in competitive manufacturing, which ensures continuous improvements are delivered to all parts of the manufacturing process.

Cutting and forming.

Burra Steel’s turret press machine is very precise and highly versatile, with the capacity to cut and form metal components into a range of shapes and sizes. It can work with metal sheets that are up to 6.35mm thick and up to 1250 x 5000mm in size. This fast paced machine produces metal components that are very accurate and of an extremely high standard.

Burra Steel’s capabilities also enable it to cut steel components up to 35mm thick with its high definition plasma cutting machine. The plasma can produce incredibly accurate components and is capable of working with sheet metal and almost any type steel.


A modern, 5 axis, 110 tonne press brake folding machine gives Burra Steel the ability to accurately fold mild steel up to 6mm thick to 3050 in length, and up to 15mm thick to 1000 in length. This highly accurate CNC machine can work to precise dimensions and help produce components that are intricate and highly detailed in design.

Round case manufacturing

Burra Steel can produce round cases as well as more complicated shapes and ovals in lengths up to 2 metres long using a Roundo 4 roll CNC rolling machine. It can produce cases from 12mm thick mild steel and with a diameter of up to 2 meters. Casings up to one metre in diameter are completed by a PLC controlled robotic seam welder that accurately joins the case into one piece.

If required Burra Steel’s CNC controlled Nodi machine can then accurately form a flange on both ends of the one piece circular case. The Nodi machine works to exact specifications and can also form inlet cones up to 2 meters in diameter. This specialized 7 axis machine has the ability to work with 10mm mild steel and 6mm stainless steel.


Burra Steel has extensive welding capabilities that can supply from simple spot welded sheet metal items to fully welded heavy gauge components. This specialised cell within the facility can work with both mild steel and stainless steel from 1.2 to 15mm thick. All welders are highly skilled and qualified boilermakers who have the experience and knowledge to successfully manufacture large heavy duty thick gauge items as well as the most intricate and detailed designs.

Sub-assemblies and finished product

The capabilities of Burra Steel go beyond the fabrication of high quality metal components. The business is proficient and has extensive experience in producing sub-assemblies and finished product using Lean manufacturing practices. This highly skilled and purpose designed assembly area has the flexibility and specialized equipment to efficiently manufacture a vast range of products. This area includes a sheet metal folding and corner forming assembly cell that produces square casings with a TDF flange in a range of sizes.

In addition to manufacturing an extensive range of items for air handling and fan equipment, Burra Steel has manufactured many other components and complete built up products. These products have been produced for various industries and many have required specialised tooling. Some of these products include light vehicle bodies and industrial tool boxes, computer cabinets, street furniture and agricultural equipment.

A culture of continuous improvement

Burra Steel is a leading member of the Manufacturing Excellence Consortium of Victoria (MECV), www.mecv.org The objective of the organisation is to develop and exchange ideas that will lead to training opportunities, efficiency improvements and adoption of new technologies. Group members share lean improvement activities, run kaizen events and guide one another with examples of lean implementation and lean consultation.

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